The monopoly of Microsoft.

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Considering the fact that Microsoft has a monopoly over the entire IT industry, one ponders how it got to this stage.

In the bustling industry of IT, it is undoubtedly clear that a company like Microsoft wouldn't have reached where it is today without trading more than its fair share of blows.

Since the opening of a string of court cases against the IT giant, Microsoft's misdemeanours have been revealed.

But when it comes to what consequences the company has suffered, it was as if Microsoft had been let off with a warning.

A corporate giant which has taken over and shut down 116 other companies was fined eight million dollars, which is merely a penny to a company rolling in billions of dollars.

Microsoft needs to be firmly dealt with by the Law.

This penalty has now set a precedent for all companies to follow and try the same tactics that Microsoft uses and to know themselves that it's a little cost to pay for huge success.

If the law is unable to tighten its buckle then the industry might become vulnerable.

The amount of technology and innovations that have been created by all companies can be lost, as all might be sitting under one company's roof.


Dear Sir/Madam

If the computer industry had stopped the sale of the new gaming console, F Box, the industry would have been in better shape than it is today.

I am the CEO of the Asian section of Lindows and in the best position to make a suggestion on this situation. Many would have thought that the F Box would have a little impact on the computer industry but since its release, the sale of computers dwindled by 14%. It was a loss of 2.3 billion dollars which shows that...