Monorail, a Transformational Solution for Jakarta

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Monorail, a Transformational Solution for Jakarta

One of the biggest obstacles in Jakarta is the one and only, traffic. What are the options available to solve this obstacle? Subways, more buses, and additional bus-way lines are some of the alternatives. How about building monorail as the main public transportation in Jakarta? A monorail is an electric-powered bus that runs on an elevated concrete beam. They are totally independent of existing trains and buses. Just think, you could travel anywhere using the monorail and not deal with the troubles of the congested streets in Jakarta at lunchtime, end of the day, or anytime. Monorail deserves to be discussed as a viable plan for Jakarta, a city that is growing on a daily basis. We'll start with the approachability of the monorail.

The ease of use of the monorail versus the bus or automobile is apparent. On the monorail you can do more things like talking on your phone, meeting people, and many more things.

The bus offers some of the same things, but only operates certain hours of the day. Also, using an automobile not always the best way to travel through the traffic jammed days, and is always hungry for fuel. On the other hand, the monorail can travel at over 80km/h providing an excellent alternative to cars in crowded cities. Monorails make traffic problems a thing of the past.

Do you like breathing fresh air? Most people will likely say yes. The monorail is very environmentally friendly, unlike the city bus and automobiles. The monorail uses electricity to travel down the tracks. Despite the fact that the monorail does consume quite a big amount of electricity and energy to run, they are far less energy-intensive to build than a rail subway. Yes, buses and automobiles don't waste...