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What is the value of studying a film like this for the unit Other People, Other Places?

Monsoon Wedding has offered good insight into the Indian customs and traditions for the unit Other People, Other Places. In this movie, many culture traditions and customs in particular arranged marriages, is represented. The movie shows how important old traditions are to the Indian culture, as tradition is incorporated frequently. It shows the differences compared to marriages in Western cultures and how they are arranged. In Western society, marriages are done out of love and not arranged by the parents. However, the common assumption for arranged marriages is that, the married couple are not happy and do not love each other. Monsoon Wedding has represented arranged marriages in a positive light, showing that although the bride and groom had no choice, they were able to work it out and fall in love with each other.

Marriage celebrations are also represented in the movie. Their wedding celebrations are quite similar to Western society, as they are very joyful and important occasions. However, viewers learn that Indian weddings and celebrations are much more enormous and chaotic. They have lots of colour, dancing and music too.

Furthermore, this film shows the types of power in Indian society, and who holds what power. For example, males have the economical power as they provide the income for their families, while women hold the sexual power. The parents are characterised to have the cultural power, as they follow traditions very strictly. Power in the Indian culture was found to be quite unalike to the Western culture. Studying a film like Monsoon Wedding for this unit, Other People, Other Places is essential for deepening and enriching your understanding of people from other cultures. We live in a multicultural society...