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Monster &/ Fabulous creatures Tale is a traditional story that is not believed to be true and doesn't occur in historical time. Folktales are stories that were passed down from many generations. The stories are used for education and entertainment. Folktales contain four distinct parts. There is a stock opening, stock or standard settings, hero, and definite resolution. The African Americans have a fable called "the poor man and the snake." A fable is an instructive tale with a moral message. The story of the poor man and the snake focuses on greed. The Native Americans have a tale based on a monster with a never filling apatite.

In the story of "The Poor Man and the Snake", the snake noticed a hardworking man that works hard everyday and barely makes enough to scrape by. The snake offered to help by giving the man money on one condition, that the man tell no one where the money game from or else the man will die a poor man.

The man agreed and the snake gave him silver coins. The snake didn't completely believe the man so he followed him home and heard the conversation the man had with his wife. The man broke his promise and the wife ordered the man to ill the snake so the can take all the money and become wealthy. The next day the man tries to kill the snake with an ax but misses and cuts off his own leg. The snake tells the man that he broke his promise and now will bleed to death and die a poor man. . The moral of this story is "don't break your promises!" This shows that the poor man became greedy and lost sight of his friendship and broke his promise.

In the Native American...