Montana 1948 by Larry Watson - Charcters, Plot Summary, Conflict, and Themes

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A. Title/AuthorB. SettingC. CharactersD. Plot SummaryE. ConflictsF. ThemesG. BibliographyA. Montana 1948, By Larry WatsonB. The town of Bentrock, Mercer County, Montana, 1948C. David Hayden is the main character of the story. He is a young boy who is an only child in a powerful family that has major problems. He's very nosy, as he eavesdrops many times. However, he's mature enough to handle the serious situation his family is going through.

Marie Little Soldier is lives with the Haydens as their housekeeper. She's a Sioux Indian and married to a white man. When she becomes ill, it is uncovered that Frank Hayden, David's uncle, is raping and molesting Indian girls. Marie is later murdered by Frank.

Frank Hayden is David's uncle. He's a successful doctor and a war hero. David's parents found out he was raping Indian women and then committed the murder of Marie. He was jailed in the Haydens' basement and committed suicide a few days later.

Wesley Hayden is David's father and Frank's brother. Wes became the Mercer County Sheriff after his father retired. He was often overshadowed by Frank. But, Wes had to choose between family and justice when he jailed his own brother.

Gail Hayden is David's mother and Wes' wife. She works as a secretary and is very sensitive. Gail became very stressed with the situation her family was in and she was traumatized when she had to shoot a gun at attackers to protect her home.

Grandpa Hayden is David's grandfather and Wes and Frank's father. He's a wealthy, retired sheriff who often favorited Frank. He even sent men to attack the Haydens' home in order to free Frank from the basement.

Len McAuley is the Haydens' next door neighbor and is the Deputy. He also has a bit of an...