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Sean Mullaney Feudal Life: Question: Why did the people in the Middle Ages formed small communities around a central lord or master? Answer: For safety and for defense.

Question: Where did most people live on? Answer: Most people lived on a manor.

Religion: Question: What was the only Church in Europe during the Middle Ages? Answer: The Catholic Church.

Question: Who tends to the sick and indigent, and taught Latin and the bible to the youth of the village? Answer: The village priest.

Homes: Question: Why were windows opened a little bit? Answer: For security purposs.

Question: Answer: Clothing: Question: If you warn brighter colors, better materials, and longer jacket length would it be a sign of greater wealth? Answer: Yes because they look more expenseive and looked better than what poor people warn.

Question: How can you tell the difference between different orders.

Answer: By the colors of their uniforms.

Health: Question: What happend as the population increased? Answer: Hygienic conditions worsened.

Question: Why did the four humors had to be balanced? Answer: Too much of one was thought to cause a change in personality.

Arts & Entertainment: Question: What were the critical aspects of medieval religious life? Answer: Art and music.

Question: What did some churches use to make music? Answer: Organs and bells.

Town Life: Question: What happend when peace and order grew? Answer: Peasants began to expand their farms an villages further into the countryside.

Question: What happend when the fuedal life start to decline? Answer: Tradesmen became wealthier , they resented having to give their lords.