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2. Evaluate the achievability of the company objectives for Montreaux USA. Identify the most salient (or important) aspects of the chocolate confectionary industry, globally and domestically, that are critical for understanding a new product introduction of this type. Provide support for your conclusions.

The objectives that Montreaux USA wants to achieve in the coming 3 years are national distribution of the new Montreaux product line, $15 million in annual sales, and to be within the top 25 in revenue. Accounting for 52.6% of the market, chocolate is the most profitable segment of the confectionary industry. In 2011, Europe captured the largest regional share of the global confectionary market at 45.2%, with the Americas following at 33.9%. The U.S. chocolate market is expected to grow almost 2% annually through 2015. The data shows that the demand for chocolate is increasing and that introducing a new chocolate product could prove to be very profitable.

Not only is the U.S. chocolate market growing, but the U.S. consumer's focus on fitness and health is growing as well. There seems to be a perfect niche for Montreaux USA to introduce their new, healthier dark chocolate with infused fruit flavors. Apollo has been very successful introducing new products and their brand name brings even more value to the product. The extensive research conducted proves that there is a growing market for a low-calorie, dark chocolate product. With Apollo's resources and Montreaux's chocolate expertise, they should have no problem introducing their product and achieving their company objectives. However, successful product introduction will attract competitors along with new product innovations. It's crucial that they have a plan ready for the increased competition or they might not be able to achieve their company objectives.

These goals are achievable by Apollo-Montreaux as Apollo in itself has a...