Montressor's use of Hostile agression in the cask of amantillado.

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Montressor's use of Hostile Aggression

Hostile aggression can be interpreted as belligerence toward another, sculpted with the intention of harming someone. In Edgar Allen Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado" aggressive force was used by Montressor, a wine connoisseur with an honor code "Thou shalt not be punished without impunity". Fortunado, a corpulent, narcissistic, inebriated connoisseur, who is susceptible to alcohol, and has a lung problem, is taken advantage of by Montressor, his adversary. This story is about wine connoisseurs who have insulted the other many times. Montressor feels wronged by Fortunado and according to his family crest; no one can punish him without impunity. His knowledge of human nature is used to manipulate the weakness of Fortunado mentioned above. Not knowing that Montressor's intention is clearly to harm, the question arises, "What does Montressor's behavior reflect about human nature and how Fortunado replies to his flattering?"

Montressor brought upon Fortunado's death in three dominant ways.

To begin, Montressor took advantage of Fortunado's excessive pride. For example, Montressor knew that the nature of Italians was that they were very proud people. For example, every time Fortunado would go into a coughing due to his drunkenness and bad lungs reacting to the potassium nitrate, Montressor would appear sympathetic and bring up that he could always get Leuchesi to taste the Amontillado. This set off a fire inside Fortunado because he would not let an inferior wine taster review the Amontillado. Another way Montressor took advantage of Fortunado's pride was by constantly flattering him. If Fortunado denied tasting the Amontillado, then he was afraid he would lose that respect for him and Montressor appeared nice by mentioning that they were both part of a secret society. This transitions to the next way Montressor took advantage of Fortunado.

Another way Montressor...