For the moon never beams

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For The Moon Never Beams, Without Bringing Me Dreams!

I remember listening to my mother read "There's a Wocket In My Pocket", "Hop on Pop", and "Green Eggs and Ham" being enchanted by the stories thinking to myself, "WOW! I'd love to have a monster to play with in my room!" or "I wouldn't eat green eggs either" all the while feeling a sense of disgust, especially after Sam I Am actually tried it! That's when I believe my passion for stories started. I remember sitting on the sofa after dinner with a small pile of books as a young child, I must've been around 6. I just learned how to read and my favorite author at the time was Dr. Seuss. I remember I would try and try again to get the rhymes and say the words just right.

Growing older I read books such as Charlotte's Webb and Judy Bloom.

Still, I would get all excited and feel the need to continue on. From the beginning of the story, in Charlotte's Webb, the suspense kicks in and I must find out what will happen to poor little Wilbur! Will they kill the runt? Will they really turn him into bacon? How can a spider save the pigs life!? Anxiously reading page after page, the element of surprise and just getting sucked into the storyline was great! It made my imagination run wild, picturing the story come to life! And although reading was great for me, I didn't realize just how much I loved it until I was in high school.

One day after school, I must have been around twelve years ago, I was at my friend Erica's house. We begin to dump our school bags on her bed, preparing to start our homework, when the book she...