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In Paul Auster' novel MOON PALACE we follow our main character Marco Stanley Fogg.

Fogg is a slightly confused and disturbed young man who in trying to find his place in the universe.

One could index the novel in 5 different phases :

1 From Uncle Victor to Columbia University

2 Central Park

3 At Zimmer's

4 At Effing's

5 Solomon Barber

1 From Uncle Victor to Columbia University:

At this part of the novel we are being briefed about fogg's past and background.

We learn that Fogg is an orphan living with his uncle Victor who makes a living playing his clarinet. Although Victor is Fogg's guardian and his closest living relative (as far as he knows) he does not take the role as Fogg's father; not saying he doesn't take care of Fogg or isn't providing him with a safe and solid home base.

Fogg moves to New York to study, Uncle Victor gives him what he can spare including his 1492 (I will come back to that later) books. When Victor dies Marco breaks down and spends his last dough on his funeral, and then basically just lets him self rot. He doesn't look for a new job; he just sells his books so he can survive. Marco doesn't even ask his good friend Zimmer for help, until he is being evicted from his apartment. Marco meets Kitty Wu when he tries to look Zimmer up at his place, but Zimmer had moved out, and instead he meets Kitty who falls in love with him. After that he moves into Central Park.

2 Central Park

In Central Park, Marco is living from day to day just barely surviving, he eats from the garbage cans which he makes euphuisms for in order to...