The Moose and the Sparrow

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I do not believe that the death of Moose Madden was murder. There is no evidence to support the charge. There is though, enough circumstantial evidence.

Moose Madden was known to pick on Cecil. He would make Cecil go to the tool house for a left-handed saw, or to find out if the mail for today had come in when the mail was delivered only once a week. (pg 1) The other members of the crew were witness, and sometimes part of, the cruel treatment Moose inflicted on Cecil. There was one incident of Moose and another member, taking Cecil and his mattress down to the river and throwing him in while he slept. (pg 2) The is motive for Cecil to have committed the crime, but there is no proof.

It is possible that late at night the log that crosses the ravine could have been wet with dew and combined with the fact that Moose could have been intoxicated caused him to fall.

There was no hand line for Moose to grab onto if he did slip. A hand line was rigged along it after the accident. (pg 9) I also don't believe that Cecil could have murdered Moose because of the fact that the night in question, when Cecil went to bed, the other members made sure that there was always someone in the bunkhouse with him to ensure that he would not be bothered by anyone.(pg 8) But Mr. Anderson did wake during the night hearing a man laughing near the edge of the camp, and Moose's name being called. (pg 9) If it had been Cecil, would Mr. Anderson not have noticed him missing?

There is also the possibility that one of the other members of the crew could have committed the crime. For...