Moral Cowerdice

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Moral cowardice Humans are natural followers, following others through right and wrong. The cause of this natural human characteristic is Moral cowardice. Moral cowardice is the fear of going against morals or unwritten laws, in other words scared of going against what a society believes even though you think it is wrong. Instead you follow the crowd do as others do. Mark Twain said that there are not enough morally brave men in the world. This is proven many different situations that happen in the world today. The lack of moral bravery is the cause of many violent incidents. We do have some moral brave men and women out there but world needs more.

Humans are definitely lacking moral bravery .The lack this bravery can cause many violent incidents. As it happens in many countries incidents like school shootings and young gangs. A good example would be the Trench Coat Mafia. It was started by six people and now the gang was spread all over America. They are recruited through the Internet. Such things start because on person starts this hatred in him or her. His (her) friend follow because they seem to believe that it is a betrayal to go against ones friends. Another name for these types of incidents is pear pressure.

Martin Luther King jr. was a great man. He is one of the world's morally brave men and women. Though he knew that blacks where at the bottom of society, unlike other blacks, he fought for his rights. He fought to give blacks a higher place in society. He lead the March of Washington Street , and was part of the civil rights movement. If the world could take this man as an example and stand up, stand up and be morally brave then this...