"Moral Obligation to Obey the Law"

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As an American citizen you have to agree to a social contract. This social contract is expressed through laws, rules and regulation. If you do not agree with them you have the right to leave. If you violate the social contract you can and will be punished. The laws we respect everyday such as, obeying traffic laws or paying for things deserve that respect. I believe it is immoral to break the law... of course some cases are worse than others, and the punishment should fit the crime.

But every man and woman must live according to what he/she believes is right. Your conscience is really your only guide. Men invented rules and laws, in order to establish uniformity, but those regulation vary from culture to cultures and when viewed objectively, we built devices to control behavior. Laws are need to maintain order and discipline. Order is generally preferred in a society, but there is a time abolishing order is appropriate and necessary.

This is the only way a "democratic" society can learn from its mistakes and progress.

If people have morals, then they obviously lack the obligation to disobey the law. Whether or not we are obligated, we are required to obey the law or face the consequences. When laws are broken, consequences are inevitable. Obeying the law is every citizen's duty, but if a law is seen as unjust then a citizen might chose to disobey the law or take direct action to try and change the law. From time to time, laws that people find to be unjust are changed. This only happens when enough people take a stand and demand change.

A common misconception in our society is that all laws are in place to protect the citizens. However, this is not the case. Some...