Moral Rationality

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Nowadays almost everyone has a cellular phone, from teenagers to professionals. Everyday we see more than one person talking on the phone, while they are walking on the street, riding the train on their way to work, even at restaurants while having dinner. There is certainly nothing wrong with having a cellular phone. They are popular, very convenient, they make everyone's life much easier, it is easier for everyone to communicate, and they are great for emergencies. But when a cellular phone is used while driving it puts someone's life in danger. I think there are many reasons why hand-held cellular phones should be banned while driving The first reason is distraction. Talking on the cellular phone while driving distracts the driver from the road and can be the cause of a deadly accident. It is very easy to get distracted from what or who is in front of your car and pay more attention to the conversation on the phone, especially if that conversation is an interesting one.

I do not think that an interesting conversation on a cellular phone while driving is worth putting someone's life in danger.

Another reason of why cellular phones should be banned is because people tend to drive slower. For example when someone tries to make a phone call, they tend to look at the phone to dial the number instead of the road, and that causes them to slow down. This can get the person behind them very irate and they can get into a verbal fight or even a fist fight. Again, I do not think that a conversation on the cellular phone is worth it.

In conclusion, there are many more reasons why cellular phones should be banned while driving, but distraction and deadly accidents are certainly the most important ones.