Moral Tax Agents

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The journal entry that I found to talk about a moral issue in today's society is from Camilla E. Watson of the University of Georgia's Law School in which was published in the Kansas Law Review in May of 2003. Her topic was the morality of tax practitioners in filing fair and accurate tax forms for their clients.

I feel that this topic is especially important in today's society because so many people in the business world are trying to find ways out of taxes and fees imposed by the United States government. We only have to look as far as Enron and Arthur Anderson, two of the most prominent figures in the business world, but in the light of their scandal, it has showed us that these do happen and are becoming more and more a part of society.

Watson spoke of how it is not just businesses and organizations who try to cheat taxes but mostly of common people.

She says that people go to their tax agents and tell them to bend the rules where they can and get them as much off their taxes and as much money back as possible. Often this is done by not reporting actual figures of income for these people.

This comes down to a moral issue for both the person filing the taxes and the tax agent that they are filing with. Is it right for the tax agent to not present all the information that he knows to be true of his customer, is it right for the customer to report the wrong income figures to his agent, and is it right for both of them to live with themselves after doing something like this? These are all good questions that need to be answered, but will not...