Morale: The Strongest Weapon In a War - This essay is about morale and (1) Why We Need It, (2) Has It Done Any Good? and (3) Techniques (4) Other Opinions

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Morale: The Strongest Weapon In a War

Morale is defined as an attitude towards something, and that's exactly what it is. We need Morale during a war to get our soldiers to fight their best! Take the last two words of that sentence. "their best"... People may not think that words and feelings have any place in a war, but I think it is extremely crucial. You need to believe in victory! Many people quit because they want to be good, but it just won't happen. Same thing for the soldiers. Why do they want to fight this war? What difference does this make? These pondering questions plague a soldier in and out of battle. What will he die for? I'll tell you. The soldier will not fight at all if he has no reason to. He/She does not believe in victory! Now give him/her a reason. Give him/her hope.

Tell the soldiers that they can win this battle for their country!

Does this really work, you ask? Has propoganda ever really affected a war and a human being's feelings? Yes. During the Battle of Stalingrad, the Soviets did not believe in victory. They did not want to be in this war, they thought it was ridiculous! How could they win against the more advanced Germans? When the Germans poured into the city, the Soviets and the Germans fought- and both sides had many casualties. One man, Vassilli Zaitsev, changed the tide of the war. This sharp-shooter can single-handedly take out various enemy soldiers with his sniper rifle. After word got out of this young Russian, people started to believe in victory. They said "Yes, we can do it." The Germans responded by sending in Koenings, a teacher of a German sniper school. The dual went on until...