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Why Should We Be Moral?

Kerwin M. Pasia

Grand Canyon University: PHI-305

January 16, 2014

Why Should We Be Moral?

Morality has often been a debatable topic over time. What is morality? Why is it so significant and important? Every human being on this planet has a different way of thinking and perhaps also different beliefs. These kinds of beliefs can come directly from a diversity of everyday life experiences, cultures, and individuals. Some folks value certain ideas and concepts of morality. However, there are some that don't comply with them. Because of such a questionable topic to shed light upon, it can be quite difficult to define what is truly just. From my personal belief, an absolute good is not based on what humanity thinks it should be. Rather, the basis of that belief comes from faith.

Just like Plato's view point, these kinds of people and their ethical theory is based on the "Form of Good." By their natural mindset, they believe that actions that "partake" in the "form of good" are moral. They believe this to be true because of their faith. On the other opposing view, there are those with an ethical theory that is based individually. They naturally set their minds to believe that morality comes from their personal definition of "good." Once again, this belief is also based on faith. With this being said, many moral and ethical concepts are based and originate from the thoughts of fourth century B.C. philosophers like Socrates, Aristotle, and Plato. One debatable concept is justice. In The Republic by Plato, Socrates debates with Thrasymachus, a Sophist philosopher. Their interpreted views on justice have substantial differences.

What is Justice?

Plato's Viewpoint

Throughout his...