The Morality Of Eating Dog Meat

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The World Cup finals to be held in Seoul, South Korea have ignited a debate as to the morality of eating dog meat, a Korean delicacy. Many nations, including the United States, have voiced a protest over the Korean and Asian tradition of eating dog meat. Many Americans feel that eating dog meat is tantamount to cannibalism, and this attitude is easily understood. In America as in a majority of European nations, dog owners cherish their dogs as members of the family. The expression "man's best friend" as applied to dogs finds agreement in many parts of America. However, this debate extends beyond the ethics of eating dogs, and encompasses the debate over how far reaching the American cultural views and ideas should be in the world. I believe that each nation has its individual heritage and culture, and the United States should not try to actively alter another nation's culture unless there is a consensus that a particular nation is abusing certain fundamental rights.

Clearly, the world in which we find ourselves is a globally interdependent world. Rapid advances in technology such as communications has brought the world closer in many respects. There are no longer many culturally isolated nations, and the ethnocentrism that was largely prevalent in the world is now markedly diminished. Devices like the telephone, fax machine, and the recent internet explosion have engendered more understanding of other nations and cultures, and allowed people to become more tolerant of others beliefs, be they religious or cultural.

However, the world must acknowledge the presence of its sole remaining superpower, namely, the United States of America, and the influence it exerts on the world. A majority of nations recognize America as a nation globally respected for its democratic values and ideals. Being an enormous politically free society since...