Morality in School.

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"The Debate of Morality in School"

For quite a long period of time, there has been an ongoing dispute on what should and should not be taught at schools. The controversy lies in subjects like religion, historical content and medical facts. These subjects are of debate because of different human perspective, and each individual believe their beliefs are right. A clear example of this lies in the idea of morals and its integration into school regulations. Peter Steinfel's article, entitled "Beliefs; The university's role in instilling a moral code among students? None whatever, some argue", discusses the issue of whether or not it is right or wrong to input a "moral code" at universities. The idea of trying to enforce the "right" beliefs into students' heads is wrong and ironically immoral itself.

Stanley Fish said, "you can't make them into good people, and you shouldn't try.'' At college, students are given the chance to broaden their horizons and grow intellectually.

Idealistically, they are taught the fundamentals of the career they want to get into. Simultaneously, students are learning and witnessing the world around them. Students are becoming more aware of the world. They see how the world really works and all of its good and bad sides. The idea of imposing a moral code upon students, to "ensure" that they get on the right track is idealistic but highly unrealistic. Codes can be passed, and its words can be preached - but no one is willing to follow what they do not believe. Applicable to every person of different natures, individuals are presented with laws and mores, but why should they follow it? Is it not a person's own free will to choose what they want to believe and not be imposed with another's? Drawing from real life experience, it...