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Coaching GreCro CoachingCoaching is not about calling plays, yelling at the team, or even being the boss. I believe that a coaches performance is not just based on the calls they make on the field, but the influence they have on there players to be the best they can be. When your coach is more like a friend, a leader, or even the team captain it puts you on a better level of communication with him or her. I have had a coach like that and I have also had a coach that didn't meet that standard. Few realize the true importance of the coach/player relationship.

My baseball and football instructors were worlds apart. My baseball instructor is a person who loved playing the game and having fun doing it. My football instructor was always pretty negative and tried to threaten our starting positions if we didn't do things his way.

For example, one day during school, I saw my football coach in the hall and he said that I need to do more wait training or he has got a sophomore who will take my spot. This sophomore couldn't hit the broad side of a barn if he were inside it. None the less I started working out harder. The motivation from my baseball coach is purely positive. He compliments and gives out good words of encouragement. My junior year he said that I would suit varsity because of my improvements and that I worked hard and earned it. That really makes a person feel good about themselves. We always do exciting conditioning drills in baseball, in fact, sometimes we scrimmage and we play so hard that is our conditioning. Of course, we never notice how hard we are working when were having a good time. Football is...