The Morals Behind Modern Science.

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With the major, and exciting, advances in technology over the past decade or so there have been many discoveries which bring to light things that weren't even thought to be possible. However, with these technological advancements there have been many debates over the morals and ethics behind the discoveries as to whether or not they are right or wrong. The main technology advancement that has gotten so much negative attention in retrospect to ethics and moralities is the recent discoveries in the field of artificial reproduction, such as the study of cloning. The two most compelling ethical principles used in comparison to modern reproductive technologies are the thoughts of the playing god theory and the right to an open future theory. These two thoughts interest me the most because they seem to hit on the two most important aspects of cloning. While I am not necessarily for or against the idea of cloning another human being there are aspects of the process which are questionable and also those that are not.

Even though I am not a religious person I understand the thought behind "playing god", which means that the creation of human life should not be up to the discretion of man. However, in my personal opinion life is life, the cloning and manipulation of crops has been around for a long time and yet no one had a problem with that. No moral issues were ever brought up when man decided to genetically manipulate plants to create better crops or "easier" crops. If one were to look at it from this light then they would realize that their theories were somewhat hypocritical. However, the thought behind the "right to an open future" theory is somewhat more understandable. If a father were to clone himself inside his wife he...