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Mordecai Richler was born in Montreal on the twenty seventh of January in 1931, the child of a Jewish family, which came to Canada from Russia and Poland two generations ago. He was educated at Sir George Williams University in Montreal. Richler has had a remarkably wide variety of jobs: bill collector, bar-tender, waiter, factory hand and journalist. For a short period he attended art school, but was soon to find his true bent in writing.

After a year spent in Europe, mostly in Spain, he finished his first novel, The Acrobats, in 1954 at the age of twenty-two. Now established as one of the most brilliant writers of his generation, he wrote many more novels, numerous essays, articles, stories, and film scripts.

Mr. Richler was awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Writing in 1965 and a Canada Council Senior Arts Fellowship in 1966. After an eleven year stay in London where he worked as a freelance journalist and wrote scripts for radio and television, as well as for films like Life at the Top (1965).

He returned to his native Montreal in 1968 to become Writer-in-Residence at the William University. During that time he wrote The Street, a nostalgic memoir of his childhood.

He now splits his time between London and the eastern townships of Quebec where he lives with his wife and their five children. His many writings have been translated into French, German, Hebrew, Italian, and Japanese.