More colleges making health insurance mandatory

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This article is stating that there are a few colleges in the United States authorizing that students have health insurance before they attend there first class. The problem with the colleges doing this is that college tuition has already skyrocketed to its highest price range ever. The universities are afraid that if they require health insurance that it will scare students away to other colleges or universities. Not only is it a problem for school to implicate this rule, but it's also a problem for the schools not to, because what often happens when students get into accidents they flee from school leavening the school with huge medical bills.

In the last four years more and more public universities are mandating that their students have health insurance before attending their first course at that particular university. Although this is becoming a growing trend for public colleges and universities, most still don't require it, although all private universities do require it.

Any where from ten to thirty percent of college student don't have health insurance, but a lot of students are covered under their parent's health care plans. This is beginning to become a growing trend because what often happens when an uninsured students comes into a situation where they need medical help the cost is overwhelming, some as large as 100,000 dollars and the student drops out, leaving the school their former students bill. Some students are under the impression that that they can take care of all there medical needs at the school's clinic, which is often free but it is very limited. The cost of this health insurance varies from school to school at UCLA students $558 for a full year, but at the University of Toledo students pay $1,211 for a year; both of these universities...