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Quebec Shoe Worker Strike.

The shoe worker strike in Quebec took place from October 27 to December 10. This was the first direct intervention in a labor conflict by Quebec catholic clergy and one of the first steps toward building catholic unions. This strike was due to bad working conditions and low pay. Many other unions had gone on strike to demand better working conditions and wages. I personally believe that these workers are correct by going on strike. These people are working at least 60 hours a week and for practically nothing. Owners these days are taking advantage of their employees. Soon these hard workers every will how unfairly they're being treated and justice will be served.

First Canadian Credit Union.

On December 6 1900 Alphonse Desjardins a Canadian journalist founded the first credit union in North America. A Credit Union is a nonprofit financial institution that makes loans at low rates and provides credit for their customers.

Desjardins was traveling in Germany witnessing the first European credit unions. He then came back to Quebec and founded his own in the town of Levis. He called it La Caisse Populaire de Levis. The literal English translation is, The People's Bank of Levis, for there was no translation for credit union. After this milestone many more credit unions were established in the United states.

1900 Federal Election.

This year the federal election went to the Liberal Party of Canada. Sir Wilfred Laurier and the liberals took there second straight majority government taking 130 out of a possible 213 seats in the House of Commons. Sir Wilfred Laurier took over the party in 1887 and has been serving as Prime minister of Canada for about 13 years. The Conservative led by Robert Borden party remained the official opposition getting 79 seats...