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The 15th and 16th centuries were times of great exploration and increase of trade as well as expansion of Europe's territory. The unexpected discovery of the America was either detrimental or beneficial in the eyes of the inhabitants of the past and the citizens of the US today. Immigration policies have altered since the first European ship landed in the Americas. The European Expansion has had a huge impact on our nation's population, thus leading to immigration issues that have erupted ever since.

The European Expansion was a big step for Europe as well as many other countries who wished to start a life with different opportunities in the New World. There are a couple reasons why immigration was encouraged in the US during the late 1400s and all throughout the centuries after. "The discovery of new territories overseas widened the opportunities of people to move. They had all kinds of new areas to which they could move" (History of International Migration Site).

Because so many people from other countries were struggling to establish their social position, they had every intention to move to another country and try to start a new life. It did not matter if a European member was of a low social class in their previous nation; they were at the top of the ranks in the New World. So, many strived to be a member of the high part of the hierarchy in order to set up an enjoyable life for them and their future generations. "Next to [the Western Europeans'] desire for religious independence the German protestant sects were also motivated by bad harvest and intermittent local welfare" (History of International Migration Site). This implies that people from Europe came to America fleeing from a deprivation they faced previously. This journey was a chance...