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More Room

In grandmothers house there are many rooms, but yet its not a Mansion. To the family grandmothers house is known as la casa de Mama. It's a place of there origin; a place of memories and dreams. Grandfather was a housebuilder and a painter; he had built the house after their marriage. Every time a new child was born grandfather would add another room. Mama had a history to each an every room in her casa. Mama's room was the heart of the house where no one would really enter. Mama had a bed it was where all her children were born. In her bed was also where here youngest children were allow to take naps in the afternoons; here too was were she gave her daughters advice. In mamas room it contained symbols of power. Instead of cosmetics on her dresser she he had a dresser filled with herbs: y yerba buena yerba mala it was for the making of tea for anyone that could not get up.

In her room there was a monstrous chifforobe where she kept locked up. She wouldn't hide the key because it would always be on top of her bible on the dresser. This is also were she would place her earrings and her rosary at night. On Mamas wall she hung a crusifix over her bed. Mama covered her other walls with objects from her children that were sent to her from different states. Each year more items were added to her wall as the family grew. Each object had a story attached to it a cuento that mama would tell anyone that had the privilege to be alone with her. Mama slept alone except when a grandchild was sick or when a heartbroken daughter...