More than anything else, physical journeys are about interpretation of the new. Do you agree?

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The interpretation of the new is a very important part of physical journeys though whether it is more than anything else is anything but arguable for there are other aspects of physical journeys which are just as important to the journey or the individual. The change that takes place due to the other journeys that take place while on the physical is also one of many aspects of physical journeys that are of great importance. 'The Town Where Time Stands Still' by Shirley Geok-lin Lim is a text that supports such an idea. 'Crossing the Red Sea' by Peter Skrzynecki is a poem that seems to promote the importance of the interpretation of the new while on a physical journey. 'Migrant Hostel' also by Peter Skrzynecki contrasts 'Crossing the Red Sea' through its perspective on the situation that Skrzynecki is in communicating the affects that a negative interpretation of the new can have.

Physical journeys have many aspects to them each of their own importance though not even the interpretation of the new can be so important that it is more important than anything else.

Physical journeys can allow individuals to understand the real importance of the opportunities that physical journeys provide to the individuals that take part on this journey. If interpreted appropriately, the physical journey can be seen as a way to challenge oneself through the new environment and experienced by the individual who would ultimately provide positive benefits for that particular individual's society.

As the journey challenges them physically, this affects them mentally and spiritually which helps them to grow and move on with their lives. 'Crossing the Red Sea' does seem to convey the importance of the interpretation of the new.

"And silence fell from its shackles"

The silence falling shows how that they had been...