More than atoms.

Essay by sy_124 November 2005

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That's why we write. That's why we sing. That's why we dance. That's why we paint. That's why we pray. Because we are just a group of atoms. Because we want something more. We need to create something more. There has to be something more.

Watch someone pray sometime. I mean really pray. See someone with glassy eyes and parted lips clasp their hands and silently ask of their beliefs "why?" If you are truly my progeny, it will drive any prejudice the world may have given you from your heart. What you will see in that prayer filled face is humanity in its most vulnerable state. We pray because we need something to turn to, something to believe in. We need an all mighty truth that has the power to soothe our fears. Why? Because we are afraid of being on our own, we are afraid of not being saved from all the pain and suffering in this world.

We are afraid that all we do, we do in vain. We want arms into which we may retreat after death. We want an explanation for our lives. And so we pray to our God, and others pray to theirs, and some call it enlightenment or nirvana, or "it." But we do it for the same reason, to nurse the same weakness. When you see religious prejudice, or any type of prejudice for that matter, know that that bigotry has no real foundation. No one knows more than anyone else. There is no proof. There is no answer key. Everyone has different beliefs, but we all have the same frailties. See that when you see someone pray, and have compassion. Have compassion for the world, the world that has condemned itself to anger and hatred.

And try to...