More than sadness

Essay by noone August 2004

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Oh sadness that covers my country

I'm warpped with sadness fory

You are in all places at all times

Runing to serve people with out a price

I wonder , didn't time and age tires you ?

What heart doesn't offer you an occupetion ?

What eye doesn't drop a tear for you ?

That needs awelcoming chain

That urges you to say goodbye to a coffin

That asks to sew a soul



Ant said to the elephant

Get up & massage me

Make me laugh too

If i didn't laugh

Make it up to me by

Kissing & financing

But if iam not satisfied present me thousand slains

The elephant laughed

The ant got furious at him

You big barrel , fleer at me!!

What's funny in what i said ?

Others are smaller but claim more

Others are bigger than you

But agree to do it submissively

What proof ?

Arab country are bigger than you

And Israel is smaller than me

And that urges you to plow a body

Who will you please , sadness , who ?

And when will you scom the living in my country ?

I wish to depart

But the love of my country prevents me to do so