More We Progress, More We Get

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Nowadays, urbaniztion becomes as one of the most important things in the world. As a developing country, Malaysia has progressed in many areas such as agriculture, education and industry. The progress brings a lot of negative effects to our environment instead of its positive effects. Therefore, I agree wit qualification with this topic, More We Progress, More We Get. In addition, the progress that our country has been experiencing can be categorized in three terms, which are the constructions of factories, the transportation, and modern equipments.

Firstly, the construction of factories polluted our air through the emancipation of smoke, which usually contains the poisonous gases such as nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide. These two gases can cause bad effects to our health like disturbing our respiration system and irritating our eyes. Moreover, they also can cause the acid rain. In addition, the release of dirt by factories brings chronic effects to human health.

It can cause asthma and cough. Benzoa pyrene, which is one of the air-polluted agents, produced by factories, may cause a lung cancer.

Furthermore, the trasportation system can also pollute our air. As we know, carbon monoxide is produced from the incomplete burning of petroleum. The vaporization of carbon monoxide into the air may cause a headache and sometimes can cause death. Besides that, lead also is one of the air-polluted reagents, which is produced from the vehicles' exhausts. The excess of lead in our air may cause the mental disturbance and interfere the red blood synthesis process.

Moreover, by inventing the modern equipments make ourair become worse. Day after day, we use air-conditions, refrigerators, and also other facilities without realizing the bad effects of using them. For example, the using of air-conditions may released the CFC, which is stands for Chlorofluorocarbon.