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Pearl Harbor (December 8, 1941) - Yesterday war came to this tropical paradise. Pearl Harbor lays in chaos after Japanese fighter viciously attack the unsuspected Americans. This violent attack on America will not be over looked. President had this to say about this malicious attack that happen; "Yesterday, 7 December 1941-a date which will live in infamy-the United States of America was suddenly and deliberately attacked by naval and air forces of the Empire of Japan."

At 0750, the first wave of Japanese aircrafts began to attack. The fighters consisted of three groups. The first, of the first wave, was made up of 89 Kates armed with armor piercing bombs, and aerial torpedoes. The next group had 51 Vals, armed with general-purpose dive bomb. The final group of the first wave was 43 Zeros each armed with a 20mm cannon. The second wave had 54 Kates.

They were armed with general-purpose bombs and regular bombs. The second group was 78 Vals each armed with general-purpose dive bomb. The final group was 27 Zeros equipped with 20mm cannon. The first wave targeted ships in Pearl Harbor, the air stations at Hickam, Wheeler, Ford Island, Kaneohe and Ewa Field. This immense army destroyed Pearl Harbor, leaving 2403 people dead, 1178 wounded, 18 ships have been sunk or damaged, and 77 aircrafts had been destroyed.

Japanese losses were comparatively light. Twenty-nine planes, less than 10 percent of the attacking force, failed to return to their carriers.

The Japanese success is overwhelming, but it is not complete. They failed to damage any American aircraft carriers, which by a stroke of luck, had been absent from the harbor. Though Admiral Yamamoto is believed to have conceived and designed the sneak attack, it has been said that after...