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La Morenita Restaurant La Morenita, which means a little dark complected girl, was what people called Lupe Cordoba. Lupe was a struggling single parent with limited job skills that dreamed of opening her own restaurant after working as a waitress and a fill-in cook. In 1972 Lupe's dream became a reality. La Morenita Restaurant started off as a small restaurant miracle in Turlock, California. Now there are eight different locations in the Central Valley and Bay Area ready to serve you.

La Morenita Restaurant has a remarkable milieu. There is soft Mexican music in the background to give you the feeling of being in Mexico without having to travel outside of California. There are portraits of the famous painter Diego Rivera on almost every wall. Although they might not be originals, the portraits tell stories of the Mexican culture and the different struggles that they have overcome.

The service is superb.

All of the employees of La Morenita have great appreciation of your presence. This type of attitude makes you want to come again and do business with this restaurant more often. The employees are always attentive. You will most certainly always have a full glass of whatever you are drinking.

The different themes for the different seasons of the year are displayed in the restaurant. This keeps the restaurant a little bit more exciting to visit. Some restaurants have boring uniforms that take years before changing. During football season, employees wear their favorite football team shirts on game days. For the holiday season, a uniform of long sleeve shirt and tie is appropriate. Employees dress according to the season. The prices for a meal are average for this restaurant. The food quality and the service that you receive for the price that you pay turns out to be...