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Who or What was the most important reason for the success of the Mormons in setting up a new community?

The Mormons are a religious group in the United States of America. Their full name is The Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints. Joseph Smith founded them.

Joseph Smith was the man who founded the Mormons. He translated the golden plates and wrote the book of Mormon. The angel Moroni visited him. He also established polygamy and tried to set-up Zion. He was fairly successful in setting up the Mormons but he made the Mormons very unpopular by introducing polygamy. Joseph Smith failed to become the president of the United States of America. Firstly, he went to Kirkland where he managed to set-up a bank and temple. Unfortunately, the bank collapsed and non-Mormons who had lost a lot of money when the bank collapsed drove him out of Kirkland.

He then went on to Missouri, where he was fairly successful and built houses but the other settlers didn't want him there and he was put in prison. He then went on to Nauvoo where the government of Illinois allowed them to have their own laws and army; he also got permission to build his own city. However, the number of Mormons increased and the non-Mormons became worried. The non-Mormons were also disgusted by polygamy. Joseph Smith was then killed.

When Joseph Smith was killed a man called Brigham Young took over as the leader of the Mormons. He led them successfully to Salt Lake City where he managed to set-up Zion. He got more Mormons to join by introducing the perpetual immigration fund where every Mormon gave 10% of their yearly earnings to the fund and the money was given to poorer Mormons who wanted to get...