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Mormons, when this word is mentioned not much comes to mind except that maybe a person came inviting you to join them. From this experience you would assume they are just a religious group but Mormons are much more. I hope this paper fill this void of knowledge in the ways of their community.

Basically the Mormons are in a very controlled community. Its hard for us to apprehend such as community as they have a very different lifestyle. Although they have electricity and shops unlike the Armish they are strongly centered in family life and values.

Mormons have to get married and have kids, as it is essential for their spiritual needs after death

The people of this society can't go out with some one before sixteen and even then sexual contact including masturbation are prohibited until marriage. They also oppose homosexuality, protection and abortion.

Other rules in the community include Honesty, no gambling, no swearing, and probation of drugs including alcohol, coffee and tea and even soft drinks.

The Mormon societies were founded in the1830 in New York and have over 11 million members worldwide. Their main religion is Christ but it can differ between catholic, protestant and orthodox Christian churches.

Some other interesting facts are:

Mormons have to give one tenth of their income to churches even children, Over 75 percent of people in Utah are Mormons and they believe people can become gods in the afterlife. They also believe god has a physical body, is married and can have kids.

I think if there was going to be a utopia it would be the Mormon society for sure because they still use electricity and modern technology so we would not have to adapt as much as we would if it where the Amish and...