The Mormons

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The Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints Parker Bunbury Michigan State University ATL 150-004 Dr. Christopher Buck History: The Mormons believe that Jesus Christ while living on earth organized his church so that all people could receive his gospel and return one day to live with god. When Jesus died he continued giving revelations to his apostles as to how to properly run the church. As the apostles died off, the direction of the church and teachings were changed. In 1820 Jesus began to attempt a restoration of his church through Joseph Smith, who is considered to be a prophet.

The Mormon religion dates back to the early 19th Century and was started essentially by one man, Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith was born in Sharon, Vermont in 1805. His parents were Joseph and Lucy Mack Smith. He had 10 brothers and sisters, and was introduced to religion and the bible by his parents at a young age.

At this period in American History there was a religious revival taking place and young Joseph Smith found himself at odds with which denomination to side with. The exact date is not known however one day in Palmyra, New York Joseph Smith wandered into the woods seeking Gods advice to his dilemma. It was in the woods that an ascending light appeared and two tangible men came to him. Joseph presumed them to be God and Jesus Christ, God?s son. Joseph was told that none of the churches had the full truth and that he should not join any of them. Soon after this Smith was visited by an angel named Moroni who told him of an ancient metal book buried in a hill in Cumorah which had Mormon, an ancient prophets sacred records from Jerusalem and contained the fullness of...