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Mormons, many things will pop up in your head when this word is mentioned

because we all have preconceived ideas about different people and different groups

whether we like it or not. One way to live with these fears we have about anyone who is

different than us is to try and learn more about these people. In doing so we understand

our differences and are able to work and live together. If nothing else this report will

inform you and provide a base of knowledge about the Mormons and their difficult path

through intolerance and discrimination which has taken them all the way to their current

headquarters, Utah.

Joseph Smith, a farmers son from upstate New York, founded the new religion in

Fayette, NY, in 1830. In 1823 he supposedly had had and was currently having visions of

God and other heavenly beings such as the angel Moroni which told him of

golden plates, bearing a history of ancient America, hidden on Hill Cumorah, near his

father's farm in upstate Manchester, New York.

The next day Joseph visited Hill Cumorah

and saw the golden plates, but he was not allowed to possess them. He returned to the hill

on September 22 in 1824, 1825 and 1826, and each time he viewed the plates, talked with

an angel and cameback empty-handed.

He was finally allowed to possess these plate and he translated the "Reformed

Egyptian" hieroglyphics. Smith's translation of the plates, the Book of Mormon, describes

the history, wars, and religious beliefs of a group of people living from 600 BC - AD 421

who migrated from Jerusalem to America. The Book told the story of the Nephites and

other Old Testament people who sailed to North America in ancient times. The Nephites

lived in a covenant with...