Mormons in Utah

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Mormons in Utah

I intend to prove that the Mormon religion, which began to rise in both

reputation and numbers in Utah, is a strange mixer of Christianity, American

pragmatism, millennialist expectations, economic experimentation, political

conservation, evangelical fervor and international activity, but is still a highly

followed, rapidly growing, and successful religion.

Mormonism is a major modern religion with more than 8 million

members, and over 4 million in the United States. Mormonism was founded

in 1830 by Joseph Smith who was known as the prophet. This is a young age

for such a widely practiced religion, and its numbers grow daily.

Mormonism is officially the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day

Saints. Its founding doctrine is based on the assumption that Christianity was

too corrupt and ungodly, and that restoring true Christian values was

necessary. A revelation like this may only come through God who needs to

put the true, pure forms of Christianity in a divine authority.

The Mormons, who follow four books including The Bible, The Book

of Mormon, Doctrine of Covenants, and Pearl of a Great Price do believe

that all religions have some amount of truth to them and do good in one form

or another, but it is only their religion that is ' the only true and living church

upon Earth'.

In 1820 , Mormonism was founded by a teenage Joseph Smith during

the 19th century United States religious movement known as the 'Second

Great Awakening'. On April 6, 1830, The Book of Mormon was completed

and a new religion was born.

Mormonism attracted many people and the firs official home of the

Mormons was in Fayette, New York. In 1831, the Mormons moved to

Kirtland, Ohio, now known as Kirtland Hills. Other Mormon areas were

being established, especially in Mississippi. Newly...