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Morrow's Thesis and My Experience Morrow's statement about fantasy games is that they can get out of hand, especially while no adults are present. Kids can go too far and people can get hurt. Even if the child knows it's wrong and he wouldn't do it any other time, he might do it in the heat of the game. In Morrow's game of the Lord of the Fly's he threw a rock at another kid's head, and cut it open, in the middle of the game. Normally he probably wouldn't have done, this but kids act differently during fantasy games. Just as this happened the game ended abruptly and everyone scattered and ran to different places so they wouldn't get into trouble. All kids do this when an accident happens. Games like these will end quick due to someone getting hurt or adults walking by. Another example comes from the book LOF.

Everyone was chasing Ralph trying to kill him because they were playing as savages on an island. Once Ralph got to the beach where the Naval Officer was, everyone acted as kids again, just as before. This incident would have ended just as fast if someone would have gotten hurt.

I remember one time that I played a fantasy game, and my best friend got hurt. It was the day after the Mariners won 3 straight games and my friends and I were really excided, so we went to play baseball at a large park near us. As we took our positions we started thinking we were playing as the Mariners and when one of the kids got up to bat, he swung his bat like Ken Griffy Jr. does and it hit the kid that was playing catcher in the face. He ended up having to get 14 stitches just above his left eye. The main thing I remember is feeling extremely bad for him because that injury kept him from playing his team sport of soccer and he missed a big tournament. All kids have a story like this whether they want to admit it or not. All kids play as if they were other people and when no adults are present, things can get out of hand. This was just supposed to be a friendly game of baseball, but even then someone can get hurt. Kids don't always take enough care in what they are participating in, but if there were adults present, most kids act a little bit more mature and take more care in what they are doing or about to do; such as getting up to bat.