The most beautiful house of Vietnam.

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My House

Have you ever been in the real paradise on the world? I have been there. It is my beautiful own house. My house is in suburb of Hanoi, within an hour drive off from the central city. I used to live there with my cozy family all the time of my childhood. Now, whenever I remember my childhood, I am filled with many pleasure memories in my beautiful large house surrounded with a lovely small garden.

In my opinion, my house is really beautiful as a castle from paradise. The house painted green color, and it is very suitable with the garden and a pond surrounded. It has a living room, three bedrooms, a bathroom with shower, a kitchen and a toilet. The living room is decorated very impressive with my mother's clever hands. There are some flowers always on the table, a beautiful painting of waterfall hung on the walls.

At night, the color neon lights make the room more gorgeous and cozy. Furthermore, my older sister- a really clean woman- usually keeps the house clean and tidy, and I also want to help her.

My garden is very wonderful with many kinds of tree, and the most popular trees are areca trees. They are very tall, surrounding the garden and the perfume of areca flowers is fragrant. But I like fruit trees more, because I like to eat fruit very much. There are three kinds of fruit tree in my garden, orange, litchi and sapodilla plum. My sister and I usually enjoy walking in the garden, eating orange, litchi, and playing together.

I am very happy when I lived in my house. My friends always want to come to my house. They play football with me and enjoy eating fruits of my...