The Most bicycle for Your Money.

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TITLE: The Most for Your Money

The Trek 4500 is the best bicycle in the high end recreational mountain bike classification. The most competition the bike receives is from the Raleigh M-50, Schwinn Mesa GS, and GT Avalanche 2.0. As you will see, the Trek 4500 will come out on top.

First of all, the 4500 is Trek's high end recreational mountain bike. Basically this means that the bike is gauged toward people who will ride multiple times a week, ride off-road a little and on road a little. This bicycle features many durable components (parts of a bicycle) that make the manufacture's suggested retail price is $439.99 for the Trek 4500. This bike is made in the United States and carries a lifetime warranty on the frame. The frame, which is made of Alpha Aluminum, is much lighter than the steel frames of the ancient 1980's. The fork is a Rock Shox Judy TT spring suspension fork, which basically means that the bike has shocks on the front.

This spring system is superior to the elastomer suspension forks found on other bicycles in this class because spring suspension offers a more responsive and tunable ride than elastomer. Elastomer is really just a set ob bushings that are not as durable or of the same quality that the springed forks are. The rear derailleur (shifting mechanism in the back) is Shimano Alivio, one characteristic of this class of bicycle. For more on the Alivio drivetrain visit Shimano's website at The shifters and front derailleur all are matching Alivio. The final important feature of this bicycle is the rims, or the metal circular, outermost part of the wheel. They are double walled meaning they have two walls instead of one, to make them more stiff and durable.

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