The Most Dangerous Game

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Most Dangerous Game by: Richard Conell is similar yet different to Leap by: Peter Birk. In my essay I will explain the similarity and the difference in the stories. The main character of The Most Dangerous Game was Sange Rainsford. I think Rainsford was and very smart, courageous, and tricky man. He was very good under pressure. He was able to face his problems head on without thinking to much of his bad luck. The main character of Leap is Steve Farber. He works with the cops to help convince people not to commit suicide, usually people that are trying to throw themselves off a building. I think that Steve Farber is very brave and is a risk taker. He is also smart and very convincing, he is like a pychologist to people who are in danger of themselves. The Most Dangerous Game is a short story about this crazy man who hunts humans.

This all takes place in an island that is deserted except for this man who owns a house there. Sange Rainsford happened to be wash up by the shore in the wrong palce at the wrong time. Rainsford fell off a yacht and was washed up to shore in this island. When he arrived to the house he was treated nicely. He was wined and dined. Then later on at night the General told him what he does for a living and tells him he is next prey. Rainsford could not do anything but go along. He had three days to try to escape the general and if in three days he accomplished this he would be set free. According to the general this had never happened. The three days went by and Rainsford accomplished escaping the general and was set free. Leap is about...