The most dangerous game

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Conflict is one of the literary elements authors use to make their stories exciting. There could be two kinds of conflicts. External conflict, more of a person's struggle with something besides himself, usually shows that he goes against nature, other people, or any other thing that is considered to be an outside battle not as much concerning his mind. Internal conflict happens to be a struggle within a person, a struggle with his own thoughts or emotions. In the story "The Most Dangerous Game" by Richard Connel, Rainsford, the main character, experiences both internal and external conflicts.

Rainsford experiences not one, but many external conflicts in the story. The first external conflict presented to the readers was Rainsford's conversation with Whitney. Whitney was telling that even animals have feelings; especially he considered that those who are hunted understand one feeling- fear. But, Rainsford had rather thought it to be nonsense.

Also, this conversation told us Rainsford's and Whitney's different points of view about the island that they were passing. Whitney would avoid being near it, if he had the chance; he, too, as the others on the boat sensed something evil about it, whereas Rainsford didn't think of anything to be fearful and thought of Whitney's sayings to be superstitious. One of the main struggles in the story above all was Rainsford's conflict with Zaroff. Zaroff forced Rainsford to play the game with him, and during the time he hid in the jungles, he tried to survive and not to be caught by Zaroff. Before the main "hunt", the views of each hunter were different. Zaroff thought killing humans to be more of hunting than a cold- blooded murder, where Rainsford disagreed calling it inhumane. He, by morning, wanted to leave the island, and that's when the idea...