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Man has been around for many centuries, and has brought all innovations into this world. Civilization as we know it wouldnt be the same without the government, or its laws. But the one thing everyone needs for survival is agriculture.

First things first, civilization as we know it wouldnt be the same had it not been for the government. They organize and regulate human activity, so we can safely live our lives. They keep smooth interaction between people and groups so there arent any disputes. The monarchs organized armies for protection even.

One thing you need for the government to run smoothly are laws. The code of Hammurabi was the first set of laws created. Its consisted of 282 laws. These were the penalties for criminal offenses.

Finally, people wouldnt exist to heed by this government and its laws unless we had agriculture. The domestication of animals allowed us to have easier access to meat and dairy products to eat, causing greater control over our environment.

We had an ability to acquire food on a regular basis. The land even gave us the ability to grow crops.

So you can see, the innovations today date back many centuries. Our first laws, our government as we know it, and our food supply through agriculture. It seems that back in the day everything was power hungry, the need for governmental power, abiding all the laws, and the power to grow crops through agriculture.