The Most Important Issue Is Voting

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The most important issue that we young people face today is voting. Everyone is always talking about the president, but no one does anything to gt him out of the White House. No one in the past years has taken any action in voting, especially black people. We young people have to have a voice on the Presidential Election and get involved.

Young people can hold voting rallies at our schools to get other involved. We cant talk to the administrators and get them to plan a day of action for voting. They can put up fliers and tell the parents so they can get involved. We can have refreshments and a speaker on the issue at hand.

We can also write letters to the White House, telling them that people younger than 18 would like to get involved in voting. We can tell them that we have a voice and we want to be heard too.

We will tell the White House in our letters, that the Presidential Elections affect us as well as the adults. We are the future U.S.A. and who the President is affects us now and in the future.

Young people can go to the elections with our parents, and get evey young person around the world involved. We young people can hold signs, protest, and speak to the government about their children voting. With our parents ballots we can voice our opinion.

If everyone got involved in the elections the world would be a much better place. We wouldn't have half of all the presidents that we've had in office. The government would be better leaders and there wouldn't be all this war going on. So if everyone older voted and we young people got involved in voting it would be a grand...