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A person who has had a significant influence on me is both of my parents, Marisela and Jorge. They are most significant influence on me because they are an example of good hard working people. They have taught me everything I know, and they are still teaching me new things in life. I learned many things from them, and I can say they are like my heroes that I admire.

My parents are both from the country of the Dominican Republic and were born on a small town in the middle of the island called Moca. They came from poor families. There parents worked a lot to survive and to give their children food and clothing for each day. So, as they saw the examples there parents gave them and taught them everything they know to survive, my parents worked hard to become the persons they are today.

They worked real hard for there three children to come to America so the whole family can have a better life and a better future. Because we believe that in America, there are more opportunities than in any other country in the world.

I can say that my parents are the best parents in the world, like all children would say to there own parents. I don't believe any children can pay back there parents for what they did, because it takes time, love, and effort to raise a son or a daughter. And I don't believe you can just buy your parents something to say thank you, because you can't buy them something to say thanks. What a son or daughter needs to do is give love back. And that's what I admire about parents. They do so much to there own children and we, as a son,