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I've had many excellent memories over the last few years, most of which have come from playing in bands. The one that definitely stands out the most is my most recent experience of recording. Professionally recording is a long, hard process that takes a lot of energy and patience. When I recorded with my band, New Tomorrow, we started by creating a layout. As a band, we had a meeting with our recording engineer discussing the quality hat we wanted for our final product. Then we got to work. The first step in recording, of course, is actually recording all of the instrument tracks. First the guitarist and bassist recorded their tracks for all of the songs. After they were totally done, it was my turn to begin recording my drum tracks. This turned out to be about the hardest things I've ever done considering how much different it is to play to what is coming through my headphones compared to playing live.

The first session that I had, I recorded drum tracks for six hours straight and finished two songs. The next session that I had, I put down three songs in thirty minutes. As I got used to playing with the headphones and there was pressure of time against me, I played them perfect the first time. After all of the instrument tracks were completely finished, a large load was taken off our backs because that was one of the toughest steps in the recording process. The next big step was to begin long hours mixing and producing with the recording engineer at the studio. As we began, many things were changed to sound different. There were also quite a few arguments between band members until we achieved the sound that we wanted. As the cd...