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I'm tempted to take a safe route to answering this question and discuss my academic achievements at Carson High School. Academia has always been easy for me and I've enjoyed success in most of my classes, particularly in math and science. Subjects that are often hard for others come easily for me and I've enjoyed lab work, field work and tutoring. I'm the stereotypical shy, bookwormish type who memorizes logarithmic tables and carries a pocket protector.

It's actually been more of an achievement for me to succeed at something outside the classroom, where I am often not as comfortable. I'm most proud of my accomplishments as a volunteer for the Shawnee Mission Summer Camp. I've volunteered there every summer since I was 14 as a counselor and activities coordinator. It was my originally mother's idea for me to become a volunteer. I didn't have any classes that summer and she thought it was a great opportunity for me to get outside and meet people my own age.

She probably was tired of seeing me spend 12 hours a day in front of my computer when I could have been having some fun at the beach or park. She kept mentioning something about "needing balance" and I knew she really wanted me to do it.

I agreed to volunteer, but I was cautious about what I had to offer. The Shawnee Mission program is for disabled and other "special needs" children who need physical activity and recreational services year-round. Most of the participants have Down's Syndrome, although a few have Cerebral Palsy, spina bifida, multiple schlerosis and other degenerative diseases. It's an eclectic group of 30 children from 6 -18 who gather each summer to learn how to swim, camp, ride bicycles, hike and attend social functions.