The most powerful leaded to plague man kind: Adolf Hitler

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Leader; who do u think about when I say the word. King Arthur, Martin Luther King Jr., I got a better one George bush! None of these people come close to what this man. He's in his own league. To say that u are............... would just simply be uncivilized. Some people know him as minis, a phenom, master of disaster. Or in 2 words: pure evil. Ladies and gentlemen I present to u ADOLF HITLER. In this essay I wish to outline the history, accomplishments, and future plans for one of the most power fullest leaders to plague mankind.

Adolph Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in a small hamlet named Am Inn, just across the Germany border. Hitler's childhood was often riddled with abuse and physical beatings. His family lived in a small farmhouse with 12 other people. 12 people ladies and gentlemen. Because of this, Adolph's older brother, Louis, ran away from home.

As a child, Hitler was fascinated with art. He begged his father to let him attend a classical secondary school, but his father would have nothing to do with it. He insisted that his son follow in his footsteps as a civil servant. As a result, Hitler, in his first year of school, failed miserably, claiming he did it on purpose in spite his father. But his father died when he was 13, leaving him with his sister Paula and his mother kiara. Hitler had only one friend and he went be August. August recalled Hitler as being a shy, but smart young man, yet he was able to burst into fits with those who disagreed with him. These 2 were inseparable. He was a great audience for Hitler. Hitler only tolerated his approval and hated been corrected. The one-day the two...