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Freeman's "Mother" "The revolt of Mother" is an interesting short story by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, who lived, in the late nineteenth century. This short story presents important aspects of Freeman life. Throughout this story she express the miserable life that her mother was having with her father and what she did to claim for her rights; also, what changes her father did toward her mother.

Freeman's mother had a miserable life with her husband. It may be interesting to know that Freeman's father, Warren Wilkins, gave up his plan of building the house Eleanor, Freeman's mother, had hoped for. Instead, the family moved in 1877 into the home in which Eleanor was to serve as hired housekeeper. Freeman's mother was thus deprived of the very things which made a woman proud, her own kitchen, furniture, family china; and she had lost the one place in which it was acceptable for her to be powerful: her home" (Biography to Remember).

As a result, Freeman grew up without accepting the critical condition of her own mother. This is one of the reasons that in "The revolt of Mother" she puts mother in quotes to tell us that it was just a title, not a person. "Father", who symbolize her own father, is presented as an unaffectionate father and husband who saw her wife "as immovable to him as one of the rocks in his pasture-land, bound to the earth with generations of blackberry vines (244)." This quote reflects the idea that "father" saw mother as simply an object, like a horse, plow, or grain of wheat; in general, to him, she was as much a part of the farm as any of these objects. She was not his dear wife whom he adored and loved. "Mother" was the person who...