A mother to a daughter

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Summer Essay

As many of us know there is much that occurs on the first week of school, yet even on the first day of school. All five types of stories have incorportated all of the feelings into one. Despite having a parent-child relation they have also included many of the other emotions,actions, and thoughts into one. About what the student and the parents feel within their own thoughts. It took much to analyze about what they were saying, but there were many context clues that gave away their feelings and much of their thoughts on subjects.

Within the first story you have a teen that seems troubled and that doesnt seem to enjoy school so what happens is that he doesn't seem to start off the school year and doesn't seem to do the ideal things that wanted to be thought of him.

Donny wasn't following in the footsteps that was thought of him because Daisy was a fourth grade teacher, "she was ashamed to actually sit down and talk to the principle as a parent, and a delinquent parent," said by Daisy within the beginning of the paragraph. As of reading the whole text I could see that Daisy had a high concern for her child Donny he was not the ideal student that Daisy wanted him to be. Seeing that and reading that the parents cared highly of Donny because him being the child of a teacher, the mother daisy thought extremely highly of Donny and wanted him to succeed in life. As for Daisy wanting to sit with him everynight and to work with his homework it shows that she really wants to help him with his schoolwork. Even though the slight changes you could see that the changes...